Founded as one  of SAMA telecom group of companies, JO TRACK is a leading company supplying vehicle tracking GPS technology.

We have impressive tracking systems for vehicles and fleet management.

Gain knowledge about the GPS tracking device that will yield the best results for your particular endeavors and industry.

Our team is ready to hear the technical features you most want; we can match you with the correct single vehicle or fleet GPS tracking device. With the right tools, monitoring work performance and keeping tabs on the location of your fleet can become an automated process. You’ll be able to systematize and cut operation costs by identifying areas of strength and those in need of improvement.

Let us set you up with the best in GPS fleet tracking technology.

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Our mission
Our Satisfied Customers Are Our Best Advertisement!

JO TRACK is simply dedicated to provide the best tracking and fleet management services and solutions at some of the most competitive prices, allowing customers to take advantage of all the benefits of such these services .

Our Team
Teamwork, Communication, and an Ongoing Quest for Improvement are key motivators For All Our staff.

 JO TRACK is aiming to provide its customers with an outstanding level of services, backed by specialized teams combining technical professionals with detailed understanding of processes and working practices.

We at JO TRACK maintain a team of highly-qualified programmers and certified network ,GIS engineers to provide an unparalleled level of expertise and competence to meet even the most challenging requirements of our customers.

 We also have an exceptional, fully-qualified customer service and technical support teams that work in a friendly and productive environment, helping to ensure that, no matter who you speak to, you will get the answer you need quickly and easily.
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